"A truly inspirational Australian, driving positive change in the lives of others."

         Paul Litherland - InspireME
         2022 WA Australian of the Year

Paul has been a fighter all his life...

From a childhood destroyed by the most severe domestic violence, to growing up in poverty, as his mother struggled to raise four kids on her own, Paul Litherland started life in the harshest of environments.

Joining the workforce at 16, to help support his family, Paul struggled to gain financial security. But he would go on to beat the odds and, at 24, achieve his dream of becoming a WA police officer. By 31, with a wife and young son of his own to love and support, Paul was finally able to break free from the shackles of his past.

But his idyllic family life would be cruelly turned upside down again, when, in 2004, he was hit by a car while attending an incident on the side of a Perth freeway. Although he survived the impact of the accident, Paul suffered horrific injuries that would lead to what would be the greatest battle of his life. Six years on, enduring painful rehabilitation and battling severe depression and attempts at suicide, Paul was able to drag himself out of the darkest of places and shift his motivation to fight for others.

In 2009, as a permanently injured officer, Paul was offered a non-operational position within the Technology Crime Investigation Unit of the WA Police. This is where his passion to educate kids about the risks of the online world was born. That journey continues today, with Paul now considered one of Australia's leading educators in Cyber Safety, with a reputation unmatched across the nation.

"A life's journey that is truly inspirational!"

After facing the hardest of challenges life has to offer, Paul has continued to brush himself off and start again. This life-long determination being recognised by receiving a Pride of Australia Medal in 2007, a National Service Medal in 2016 and a Police Star Medal in 2017. His achievements and determination, together with his unwavering service to the Australian community, culminated in Paul being named the 2022 WA Australian of the Year.


"He was so so so good! Not only me, but all my friends loved listening to him ..."


Year 9 Student - Iona Presentation College


"The effects of Paul's presentations on our students and school community have been enormous ..."


Neil Alweyn - Deputy Principal, Emmanuel Catholic College


"Paul makes you want to just get out there and make a difference in your own life and the lives of others. He is such a great motivator and he is one of the very few external presenters we truly respect."


Year 12 - Perth Modern School


"Paul leaves a lasting impression on the people he meets. Whether talking to a school student, the media or a senior Government official, he is focused and compelling yet humble and extremely personable. His presentations are highly regarded not just for his valuable content but for his style and delivery."


Morgan Lewis - CEO Auspire, Australia Day Council WA

A Truly Inspirational Speaker


With close to 20years experience at the front line of internet crime, Paul offers great insight on how to stay safe online.


Paul offers key insights, combining inspiration, emotion and humour that will truly engage your college or team.

Motivation & Inspiration

See why Paul is receiving such rave reviews for his presentations, which leave participants with a new outlook on life.

Stories from the journey so far



It was a simple conversation which changed my life. This event has continued to influence me for over 25years and is the main reason I have remained a mentor for those who need support during the most difficult of times....



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Our loves and passions can guide us and give us the greatest of courage. What is in our hearts can never truly be broken....